Frequently Asked Questions & Rates

What do I need to supply?

Access to clean water. 

And... that's it. 

If you can supply a table and chairs, that's great, but if not we can bring those too.  Everything else from paint and glitter to brushes and bling, we'll bring with us. 

How do we get it off afterwards?

We only use the highest quality, professional face paints and as such the pigments are rich and dense.   However, they are all water-based and will easily come off with nothing more vigorous than a wash of the face..  We will also leave your venue clean afterwards.    

How many faces can you paint?

It really depends on complexity, but for a children's event, you should assume around 8 faces per hour for full face designs or 10-12 for simple or eye designs. 


these costs are guidelines. Please get in touch to talk about your event and ways we can work with you.